We Have a Unique Gift Basket For Product Placement Media

Pizza and Pajamas is all about television and college students, sleep, (or lack of sleep), tv links and, of course, having the ultimate dorm room. Pizza and Pajamas LLC is launching www.pizzaandpajamas.tv.  Pizza and Pajamas is all about night owl media and getting the attention of the late night TV audience with unique advertising strategies in the mail.

Pizza and Pajamas is a unique, targeted, direct navigational gift basket delivered in the mail box.  Consumers still love the mail box, servicing college students in the dorm room or families in the home living room.  Pizza and Pajamas is a lead generator that focuses on sales and revenue by creating brand awareness or product placement in the form of a reward or incentive -- delivered in a pizza box. 

Pizza and Pajamas is an “addressable ad” – attached to a single brand or multiple brands.  The new MBA is about Marketing, Branding and Art as Advertising.Pizza and Pajamas' trademarked name is, by design, a social graph platform set in every college dorm room and small town community in America.

Small – Medium – Large  Is it cardboard, or is it content?

Ask the Night Owls

Eat, Sleep and Be Happy

For investor relations inquiries, please contact webslices@pizzaandpajamas.com or call 856.854.7078.